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On the 23rd May 2021 at 8:51am local time, Irishman Ronan Murphy stood on the top of the world at the summit of Mount Everest in Nepal. In rarified air, he becomes only the 55th Irish person to summit Mount Everest. On this exclusive episode of IMN Interviews, we ask Ronan some questions and see what his reaction to such a monumental achievement is. We also find out where to next.

WHAT ARE VOLOGRAMS AND HOW DO THEY WORK? Rafael Pagés (CEO & co-founder) | IMN Interviews #3

In this third episode of IMN Interviews, it is time to look into volograms, 3D humans, and much more with Rafael Pagés, the co-founder and CEO of Volograms. Volograms are a leading Irish start-up aiming to specialise in 3D humans for augmented reality. What is volumetric video? What is your favourite piece of technology? How many types of volumetric capture are there? This and lots more questions are answered by Rafa on this episode of IMN Interviews.

What is Intelligent Automation? | Pascal Bornet (IA Pioneer & Author) | IMN Interviews #2

In this second episode of IMN Interviews, we are exploring Intelligent Automation and we are joined by Pascal Bornet, one of the world's pioneers in I.A and best selling author of Intelligent Automation: Learn how to harness Artificial Intelligence to boost business & make our world more human. What is I.A.? What is the difference between I.A and A.I? What will happen to software? That and much more on this episode of IMN Interviews.

What is XR Technology? | Virtual & Augmented Reality explained | Jeremy Dalton | IMN Interviews 001

In this first episode of IMN Interviews, we are exploring XR Technology and we ask our expert guest Jeremy Dalton about Augmented and Virtual Reality. What are the everyday applications of XR Technology? Can you run or touch things in virtual worlds? Who are the top people to follow in the industry? This and much more on this premiere episode of IMN Interviews.

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