On this episode, Gina talks to one of most respected and highly syndicated political columnists in the United States, Cal Thomas. They discuss how we have always had contentious elections, who would be better for Europe, Biden or Trump? What needs to be done to address the U.S deficit, plus lots more.

In this episode, Gina talks to Judd Legum, a journalist, lawyer, political staffer, and writer of the hugely informative Popular Information newsletter. In this episode, Gina and Judd discuss Trump having Covid, accountability journalism, poll watching, who will control Congress after the election, and the supreme court nomination.

In this episode, Gina talks with Stella O'Leary, the founder and Chairperson of the Irish American Democrats PAC. Stella was an activist in countless Congressional Campaigns and all recent Presidential Campaigns. We chat about meeting the Clinton's and the good Friday agreement, creating the PAC, what is it about Trump and his communication style? The things Joe Biden needs to do to beat Trump in the debate, Trump's three core groups of supporters, Barrack Obama on his Irish heritage and RBG and the impact her death will have on undecided voters.

In this third episode of our eight-part series, Gina London talks with Professor Liam Kennedy, Professor of American Studies and Director of the Clinton Institute, University College Dublin. They discuss the latest global PEW polling report, the Trumpism effect, nationalism worldwide, the United States becoming more isolated, the promotion of democracy, and can Joe Biden restore and reconstruct.

Welcome to the Irish American politics show. In this special series, we set out to explore and examine, through the eyes of the Irish American voter, the contentious battle for the upcoming US presidential election. Joining us for this episode is New Jersey native Stephanie Schmid, who is running for New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District. She’s a retired United States Foreign Service Officer, attorney, and human rights advocate and she is on the ballot on November 3rd.

In this premier episode, our highly respected host Gina London talks to Fiona McEntee, founding and managing partner of McEntee Law Group, one of the leading immigration lawyers in the United States, about a host of immigration topics that will be close to home for many viewers.