Europe's Supply Chain of Cannabis | Pia Marten (CEO & Co Founder Cannovum) | 8/7/21

On this episode, we are joined by Pia Marten, Pia is the co-founder and CEO of acclaimed German cannabis company Cannovum. They are Germany's first listed cannabis company on the Berlin & Hamburg stock exchanges. Cannovum is a fully licensed pharmaceutical wholesaler, importer and manufacturer of high-quality medical cannabis


- Story of Cannovum

- Is Germany good for Cannabis start ups?

- Europe's supply chain

Importance of Universities in Cannabis R&D | Heidi Whitman (Global Strategy Director @ AVIDA Global)

On this episode, we are joined by Heidi Whitman, Heidi is currently the Global Strategy Director for Avida Global, and was one of the masterminds behind Naked Leaf CBD, a company that specialises in CBD for pets and the equestrian sector.


- The AVIDA Global story

- Fostering relationships with Universities for R&D

- CBD for Horses